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The Parameters of Success

Some people believed that success is measured through their material possession such as the amount they have in bank or their cash on hand, the quantity of accumulated wealth, fame, prestige, respect and achievements.

But life is not always that becoming. Those people who have financial or career success sometimes have failed in their personal relationships. Like in my own experience. I would say that I have a successful career, but my marriage is a failure. No matter what I do, my husband and I never arrived to a consensus which resulted to our separation. Although I appear prosperous to some people because of my achievements, but still, it is not a guarantee that I am really happy and contented.
For me, success is being able to rise when you fall, to stand when you stumble and to seize the inadequacy of life. Being successful is being happy and contented with what you are doing. It is the sense of achievement that you feel every time you accomplished a well-done job and it is the ability to embrace the imperfection of life.

Success is when you are able to perform your work beyond the call of duty and without expecting any return.

Success is a continuous journey. Getting a good job and good salary from a company you work with is just a little triumph. It is the self-satisfaction that we felt in any type of work. It is our capacity to shine despite others impaired judgment.

Success can also be measured by having a good interpersonal relationship. It is a gift that only few people have. But it is not enough to be just a nice person or to have a pleasing personality. We need to build rapport based on trust, honesty, respect and communication. When we are able to do this, that's the time that we can be called successful.

Successful persons live with life's challenges. It is the ability to see the brighter side of the world and to surpass any obstacles and trials that life has. People should never feel upset when lost. If they fail, they should be willing to try harder and work more until they succeed.

Success is learning. When we learn something from our experience, it gives us an internal satisfaction. It is not about being able to brag and tell the whole world about our achievements. Real success is within ourselves. You know your self when you have succeed even without telling anyone.
Success is not about being winning in a competition but rather it is about how we wholeheartedly accept defeat. It is within ourselves. Most people struggle through life and wonder why they never get anywhere. It is about being able to accept our mistakes and learn from it.

Thus, real success can be attained by accepting life's flaws and recognizing that failures and drawbacks are just part of the process of reaching to the top of the ladder.

I love writing short narratives about success. It is very fulfilling to know that we are able to rise back after our failures in life. This article defines the parameters of success.

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